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About lassen ceramic tiles
We recognize property owners have individual ideas and preferences in design concepts for their dream homes. The differences can lie in areas of taste, needs and budget, which also form the basis of our business philosophy and thus enable us develop and offer stylish and appealing ceramic tile designs of practical use and at affordable prices.
It is not difficult to purchase exquisite ceramic tiles. However, it is not easy to find one which is equally beautiful, stylish, modern, durable and yet reasonably priced too as our products will testify.  We look forward to provide you with our extensive range of quality ceramic tiles with new and attractive designs, yet made affordable to beautify your home.
Our goods are delivered directly from the factory and our showroom is situated on an upper floor premises of a commercial building. These are some of the factors that enable us operate very economically and efficiently, and thus pass on the savings to our customers in terms of lower prices for our tile products.
Modern Styles and Patterns
We expend large investments in designing, manufacturing and developing new styles and patterns annually. Additionally, we engage talented and renown European designers, as well as deal with reputable material suppliers in producing new ceramic tile designs. These qualities will enable us meet your design needs, preferences and expectations, thereby creating a very cozy living environment for your home.
Beautiful and Practical
Not every company can offer beautiful and inexpensive ceramic tiles of practical use, but we are fortunate to be able to cooperate very well with our designers and manufacturers in order to create new designs and strive to bring you a comfortable and elegant home atmosphere.
Affordable Prices
It is our objective to introduce beautiful and elegant ceramic tiles to home owners. Our designers and manufacturers continually strive to produce new and appealing designs using the latest production techniques. Our unique showroom location and logistics advantages enable us operate very cost-efficiently and allow us to pass substantial savings to our customers
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